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Testing available

Sometimes I find testing a useful tool in practice as it helps us work together to find the underlying cause for the dis-ease you are experiencing. 

The tests I use are 


uBiome uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced statistical techniques, as well patented precision sequencing™ process to analyze the microbes in your sample. Test once, or track your microbiome over time – the choice is yours.

You can order the tests through the Ubiome website and when you get your results, you can forward them to me and I will interpret them and relate the findings to you.

This helps us customize your treatment plan.

Link: https://ubiome.com/consumer/explorer/

Coeliac -STT (transglutaminase IgA, Gliadin IgG, Gliadin IgA      $198

CDSA level 1  + PCR DNA (parasite test)                                         $336

CDSA level 2 + PCR DNA                                                                    $402

CDSA level 3 + PCR DNA                                                                   $510

CDSA level 4 + PCR DNA                                                                   $576

Complete microbiome profile with inflammation 

markers, parasites, fungi, yeast, beneficial bacteria, zonulin

pancreatic elastase, secretory IgA, Beta-glucoronidase             $659

Fecal DNA PCR: 10 bacterial organisms and parasites               $143

Food testing, heavy metal and environmental toxin testing available at your request

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