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Mangolicious Turmeric Awesomeness

This is the first smoothie bowl in the rainbow series. Creating dishes that are easy and beautiful to look at initiates the first sense of eating. We than have aromas that make us salivate and then the excitement of eating the final creation.


Bottom layer:

Soak chia seeds in coconut and turmeric milk. I used Pure Harvest Organic Golden Quench.

Middle Layer: Frozen mango and banana, and Radiance Turmeric latte powder. You can just use turmeric. Whiz in blender add nut mylk to smooth the consistency.

Top Layer: Coconut yogurt

Decorations: Premium chocolate bits, turmeric latte powder, golden stars and leaves from my garden

This made enough for two cups

I drizzled some honey over the top to finish

What it was like to eat: Absolutely amazing. The creaminess of the coconut yogurt mixed with the crunchy bits of chocolate and jelly balls of chia was a taste sensation

Mangolicious turmeric awesomeness

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