Bad-ass Brownies: Moist with chickpeas

Gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, grain free How many nutrients do you think you can pack into something and it still turns out delicious? I'm always aiming to get as many nutrients into my kids as possible, and if I can make it taste amazing at the same time....BONUS As I'm on a bit of a sugar free Aquafaba (chickpea brine) chocolate mousse quest, I need something to do with all those chickpea's....and what better than to make delicious decadent MOIST brownies...with veggies What these Badass Brownies have in them 1 can of drained Chickpeas 2 tbs Coconut flour 2 eggs 1/3 cup coconut sugar 1/3 raw cacao/cocoa powder 1/2 walnuts 1/3 cup coconut cream (shaken, not stirred) 1/2 cup p

Chickpea brine (aquafaba) chocolate mousse

3 ingredients - It's really that easy....and fluffy and gorgeous....and light....and and and ingredients 1 can of drained chickpea brine (aquafaba) 100 grams of very good quality dark chocolate - I used Green and Blacks Organic 2 tbs of honey Instructions 1. Whisk chickpea brine until light and fluffy...or forms a stiff peak (my husband love this term....) I just hand whisked it (oh dear...sounds even worse) 2. Melt chocolate in a bain-marie (bowl on top of a pot of boiling water on the stove) and add honey 3. Fold the chocolate into the aquafaba and pour into glass/gars/bowl It really is amazing and delicious and I'm not proud that fought the kids to lick the bowl. I may have got competitiv

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