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Spiced Beetroot Rhubarb and Raspberry Ombre

Cook and create with your heart not mind. I usually don't use measurements, I just mess around until I get the desired effect...until it feels right

This was a warm smoothie bowl/desert which had spicy beetroot latte powder which added so much warmth on this cold winters night. Let me say that getting a flower in the glass to look pretty is so much harder than it looks!!! I didn't get it right, so more practice for me.

Feeling totally inspired, I went to Palmers Garden Center in Miramar and brought $20

worth of flowers for my pots and creations. I got 15 punnets of beautiful colours to play with.

Time to create: 20 minutes. (You can simmer the rhubarb any time and just reheat). Assembly took 10 minutes)


500 gm Rhubarb

Mandarin zest and juice

Vanilla essence

1 tsp honey (you may want to use more depending on your pallet)

1 tsp Beetroot latte. I used Nutra organics Velvet latte powder - (but you can just use plain beetroot powder and a dash of cayenne pepper and pepper for heat)

Raspberrry coconut yogurt (I used Cathedral Cove Naturals)

Coconut yogurt

Flowers from your garden

Simmer Rhubarb, vanilla essence, honey, the juice of 1 mandarin/orange and some zest for 5 - 10 minutes until soft.

Blend till smooth in your blender.

You may need to add some nut mylk to get the consistency right.

Cook and create with your heart not mind.

Divide mix into two parts.

Add Beetroot latte powder or your own home mix to one part and it will become ruby red. Keep the other part for the second layer.

Layer one:

Pour the Beet and Rhubarb ruby red mixture into you glass/jar

Layer two:

Add the lighter rhubarb layer on top of this one

Layer three:

Add the light pink raspberry coconut yogurt

Layer four:

Add the plain coconut yogurt

Decorate with flowers from your garden and some of your kids sprinkles.....

.....and then I added some Nicaraguan dark chocolate.....because life is too short not to be naughty

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