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Matcha and Turmeric wake me up BOMB

I needed a little bit of extra energy today so I thought I'd make myself something to go go go gadget great green goodness and I just love turmeric so I played with that too.

Why I love Matcha

This took about 10 seconds to make

Green layer

Matcha powder (1/2 teaspoon)

Coconut Kefir - I used - The Kefir Company) because they are an awesome New Zealand Company and do so much good for you and your body and whoooohoooo for probiotic goodness shot!!!!

Yellow Layer

Homemade hazelnut milk

Home turmeric blend of Turmeric & pepper or Radiance latte powder

I really feel it needed some sweetness as the matcha can be quite bitter - so add some refined sugar free option of your choice to bring some sweetness into your life

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