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Health Rainbow Smoothie

Because the winter is feeling so drab here in Wellington, New Zealand, I really felt like I wanted to eat a rainbow. And after making this, I felt vibrant and shiny and it was just so good to look at.

Dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan, paleo

It takes a little bit of P.T but the kids loved it and enjoyed helping make it. I also wanted to use seasonal New Zealand fruit, because lets face it - was have some pretty unique fruit and veg here.

Colours of the Rainbow smoothie:

Dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan, paleo

Violet: Beetroot and tamarillo

Indigo: Viberries and Banana (you can hardly see this colour in the picture)

Blue: Coconut yogurt and blue peaflower matcha powder

Green: Kiwifruit, green matcha, spinach

Yellow: Coconut yogurt, pineapple and turmeric

Orange: Banana, apricot and orange

Red: Coconut yogurt and beetroot powder (made it more pink)

Blend each layer

Slowly layer into the glass with a spoon

Add some honey or maple syrup to the coconut yogurt layers to sweeten more. We didn't use sweetener, but it always depends on your tastes.

Drink it and feel as vibrant and colourful as the rainbow within you


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