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🥗Orange and Kale salad

🥗Orange Kale and cumin seed oil salad🥗 The Christmas salads were my favourite this year and taste even better the next day🌼

This salad is so easy to make and will leave you addicted to cumin seed oil...which as luck would have it, is fantastic for your health



💐1 orange and zest

💐Cumin seed oil

💐Almond slivers



🥗Kale-lightly steam-fried in orange juice and 2 tbs of orange zest 🍊🍋 🥗add Cumin seed oil 🥗toss in bits of orange 🥗sprinkle sauerkraut and almond slivers WARNING: once you taste cumin seed’ll become obsessed is the best one I’ve found in NZ and not usually available in shops 🥗


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